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Can we connect and not feel disconnected afterwards???

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Q: Can sex make things complicated???

A: You can bet your virginity that it will…..YES, but at the same time NO in some cases it just depends. I am here to write about why it causes things to be complicated between you and whomever you had sex with.

Because sex sells, we see it everyday!! That’s why it is such a common factor in a wide spectrum of relationships. For example, dating, friends with benefits, one night stands, sex in committed relationship, sex in open relationships, marriages with sex, open marriages with sex, and any variation of the above.

So everyone wants to know WHY?? Have you ever thought about what is involved in the whole sexual process?? Well, here is a list and I’m sure I will forget some stuff, so forgive me for that.

Emotions, Location, Seeing each other nude, Satisfaction, Experience, Before and After thoughts, Before and After events, Feelings, Insecurities, Sex drives, Preferences, State of the relationship, What type of Relationship, Sexual Past, The Sexual Process itself, etc…

Emotions, there isn’t much to explain about them. There are a wide range of emotions that you could have been displayed during the act or after the act. Insecurities with seeing each other naked. You might be wondering is my body satisfying or did it disappoint. Maybe, wondering if he/she is discussing my body with others. Satisfaction, was the sex satisfying. Am I good in bed? Experience because maybe you are a virgin and the other person isn’t…..there are various scenarios for this case. Thoughts before and after sex are self-explanatory. Now, the events before and after are not self-explanatory. Did you drink before, fight/argue before, etc…. Did you cuddle afterward, leave one another, etc… When you consider feelings, did you feel loved, weird, uncomfortable etc… You can be insecure about your performance, stamina, body, etc… Sex drive can play a major role because what if one person wants it more than the other or if one person wants it back to back. Preference can make things complicated because you may not agree on positions, location, toys, etc… The state of the relationship, for example, are y’all getting along good, fighting all the time, etc… I already mentioned type of relationships above. Sexual past is important because how many partners did you have, any STDs, kids, did you have safe sex, etc… And of course, last but not least, the actual sexual process itself which sort of ties in with a lot of the above reasons for complications. For example, were you respectful, dirty, bad at it,……I could go on and on, but you get the point.

I hope this answers all the questions about why sex makes things complicated. Now, don’t get me wrong….I am not saying don’t have sex…..please do, but think about what you are getting into. Also, like I said above… doesn’t always make things complicated.


Written by Teen Wolf

June 28, 2009 at 12:43 am

We’ve all had one or have one…….a “CRUSH”

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Crush: A crush is a person you simply like, but wouldn’t risk everything for. A person you just dream about being with like the most hottest girl/guy in school, celebrity, or whatever. A crush mostly developes from being physicaly attracted to a person. That’s most cases of crushes. Or sometimes it could just be this person who you really like a lot but then comes another and you no longer like that person, but the other.

Crush: A crush is a word used to describe special feelings you have for another person, a classmate, or friend that you really like.

Crush: A crush is a person who makes your heart beat faster, and you can’t breath around them, and never talk to them because you like them, your not in love with them, but you could be if they felt the same way.

Crushes are perfectly natural. You admire them, dream about them, feel happy when you see them and gloomy in their absence. Guys usually develop a crush before women as males have a higher sexual attraction level than females.

I thought this was a summary from; Crushes are top-heavy. Some people will say that the problem with crushes is that they aren’t real. Actually, the problem is that crushes are too real—too real for the relationship. You have so much emotion (love, desire, and longing) that the small amount of relationship you do have with your crush can’t stand the weight of it.

I think all these definitions describe a crush from a different point of view. All of them are right in some aspect. It seems like I have always had a crush on someone. I still remember my high school senior year crush. I have a crush on a good friend of mine now. Their is something odd about having a crush because no matter how much you fantasize about being with that person, you almost never inform that person how you feel about them. You know why??? One word….REJECTION!!! No one wants to get rejected by someone they are physically attracted to and think so much about. I was talking with another good friend of mine last night at Starbucks and we both have crushes on someone. She won’t tell her guy and I won’t tell my girl. It’s weird because we both talked for about 15 minutes each about why we have a crush. She doesn’t want to tell her guy she has a crush because she wants to hear it from him first and I won’t tell my girl that I have a crush on her because I don’t want to be rejected or jeopardize our friendship.

I felt the need to write about this because I just finished watching He’s Just Not That Into You. Great movie. But love, dating and friendships is something we deal with everyday. I feel that we shouldn’t let the people we have “more than friends” feelings for getaway. I don’t have the answers to how to deal with this but hopefully we can conquer our fears and speak up to the ones we have this Lil Bow Wow puppy love for. In my whole life, I’ve only told one girl that I actually had a crush on her…… didn’t go well at all :(. Of course, there are millions of girls out there, but getting rejected by your crush is different than getting rejected by some random girl. A “Crujection” (crush rejection) hurts and ruins what you ever had with that person before you spilled the beans. Most real crushes are on a friend, someone you’ve known for a while, someone you spend a lot of time with, someone who is in your presence a lot, etc…. Celebrity crushes don’t count everyone has those and believe me I have a lot (for ex. Megan Fox, Taraji P. Henson, Kristen Stewart, Kerry Washington, etc…). You never get to tell those people how you feel and 99.9% they don’t even know you exist.  I guess what I am getting at is……be honest with yourself, believe and hope for the best……..communicate how you feel, but don’t come on too strong, take it slowly, get to know your crush more before you confess (I have been trying to do that lately), etc…

We can do this people because we all have had a crush or have one now!!!!

Written by Teen Wolf

June 25, 2009 at 5:43 am

You’re either a Father indeed or a Father a child needs

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Ok, I know it’s Father’s Day and my original topics for today didn’t seem to fit the mood of the day. I was originally going to blog about Iran, but no real changes other than a calmer environment to report on. The other topic was requested by a twitter follower……..he wanted me to blog about privacy: a commodity or a right. Now I might still cover that one day, but not today.

I am here to discuss Father’s Day. This holiday can be a nightmare for some families because of how fathers can be absent in child’s life and bring stress/loneliness to a child. A good friend of mine said “depositing sperm into a woman doesn’t make you a father, neither does babysitting every other weekend or just providing the minimal financial support”. She is exactly right.

A father indeed provides unconditional love. He loves you and supports you no matter what mistakes you make. He provides advice when times get hard. Encourages you and a has faith in you. As a child he teaches you the trial and tribulations of life while also being a sensitive and fun person to hang around. A father must show his kids that he enjoys being there father… proud of bringing them into this world. Spending time with your kids is important because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Establish intimacy at a young age. A father is a great teacher……what you teach your children will be a stronger message than any elementary, middle, high school or college professor. A good father teaches right from wrong and establishes that there will be consequences (punishment and reinforcement; I can really go into detail about this since I hold a psychology degree, but I will spare you the time). Let your child know that it is okay to make mistakes because we are all human. But learn from it and avoid repeating it. A great father is affectionate. Being affectionate is a sign of love and teaches the child to love not hate. A golden rule that successful fathers follow is be respectful to your children’s mother even if you are divorced, married, separated, or even if the child came out of a one night stand. Even if a good father hates his child’s mother, he still tries to make the parenting process a partnership for the good of the child. A good father doesn’t place outrageous expectations on his children or himself. The last rule that a father indeed follows is that the job as a father never ends….you never retire, quit, get laid off, etc….

If you can’t meet the above requirements 100% of the time then you are categorized as a father a child needs!!!

Here are a couple of responses to my question: What do you like about your father?

1.Honest & Caring 2. Fun to be around and serious about raising me right

One thing I left out of a father indeed is…….Financially stable or making money to support your child, putting your child before yourself!!!!

Written by Teen Wolf

June 21, 2009 at 8:01 pm

Votes vanished and Violence prevailed in Iran

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This is an outrage. Can you imagine what is going through the minds of human beings around the country. No matter how much we progress in this world there will always be civil unrest. You can’t blame the unrest on the demonstrators….there is only one organization to blame…..THE GOVERNMENT!!!

Protesters came out to just speak there mind, something I like to call freedom of speech here in America. After today I’m not even sure if it’s safe to speak in Iran. Police were harming these people with tear gas, beating them with clubs and hosing them down as if they were a building on fire with water cannons!! Reminds me of the civil rights movements in the south. Of course, the Supreme Leader warned them, but you have to take a stand for what is right and that is exactly what they did. They felt the election was rigged. However, I’m sure they knew they were at risk if they came out today, but only the risk of being arrested not actually risking there lives or there health.  The Iranian government said blame the bloodshed on Mousavi like us Americans blame a DUI on the alcohol, but no you can’t always point a finger at what made you do what you did. Sometimes it’s the pre-event which leads to catastrophes….in this case a rigged election led to bloodshed and for some Americans maybe a fight a with a spouse or bad day at work led to us turning to the alcohol which in turn resulted in a DUI. The citizens who are okay with the outcome of the election are complaining about the riots, but put your feet in there shoes. They are angry, they aren’t being heard, and they are being treated like they don’t exist……like they didn’t stand in line to vote (a right that people all across the world feel is the only way to make a change in there country!).

The Iranian government must not be listening to the news because the world is watching this!! President Obama put his foot down and said “Enough is enough, stop all violent and unjust actions against your people.” Respect comes from within before it comes from abroad. The death toll stands at 19 for Saturday’s unrest in Tehran, Iran!

Someone (Anonymous for safety reasons) on Twitter said “We will try 2 keep this rally peaceful/silent as usual at every cost. Cant give them excuse 2 use force. Hope they wont.”

Let the Green Sea speak, they want Peace and Fairness, not a Red Sea of bloodshed!!!!

Written by Teen Wolf

June 20, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Transition from Lover to Friend

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I don’t know where to start. I remember when my ex laid those words on me……I felt like she just grabbed a samurai sword and stuck it in my heart. She was cutting herself out of my heart. It was difficult to deal with. I was saying to myself “how can I be her friend, this won’t work at all, maybe I should never talk to her again”. Well it actually worked out ok……although I don’t know how I would handle seeing her with another guy…..Thank goodness that time hasn’t come yet!!

But I’m not here to discuss that transition from lover to friend. I’m actually here to fill you in on my most recent transition and try to provide some tips for dealing with it. Ok I was recently dating this girl I knew from way back. Things were going good and then after about a month of dating she hit me with the “Transition”!!! Maybe we should just be friends…..I was like WTF!!! Well that was just the beginning of the “Transition” because we went back and forth as lovers and friends for about another 2 weeks!! Finally, that was the end of the rocking chair phase. Friends is all it was going to be or there would be nothing at all. So I took the friend ticket. But unfortunately in my case she still wanted to go to the clubs with me on the weekends. So like a dummy, I brought her along one Friday night. The early part of the night was cool, but after the drinks hit me I thought to myself “I’m single and I can do whatever I want”!!! Since I happen to be a dancer I then made my way to the dance floor to dance with some hotties that had the eyes for me all night!!! To my surprise, I turn my head and I see my “friend” storming out the door in anger. I chased after her like a dog chasing a ball. Of course, she was upset that I was dancing with other women, but I as I remember it was her idea to make the “Transition”!! She eventually calmed down and we left the club. Exactly, one week later we are back in the exact same situation, but this time the roles are reversed!! I was cool with being her friend……,but I couldn’t handle seeing her mingling and dancing with this one guy all night. So again we left the club. I dropped her off and felt that maybe we should take a break and not go out with each other for a while. Great Idea!!

Well, last night was the first night we went out again as strictly friends….the “Transition” had finally been put in place. It was a great night. She didn’t mind me talking to other girls and I didn’t  mind her talking to other guys. And when someone asked if we were a couple…….we both replied “Just Friends”!

The moral of the story is that a “Transition” from lover to friend is hard. Give it sometime to set in. Don’t hang out immediately. Be aware that things will be different, be prepared for the newcomers, etc…. Remember that you are single and free to mingle with whomever you want but be respectful in her presence. I had to blog about this because it took me about 3 weeks to cope with this and I wanna help others progress faster.

Written by Teen Wolf

June 18, 2009 at 4:59 pm

Meddling you say??? Iranians taking a stand for CHANGE!!!

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The Iranian government says that us, the US are meddling. That we are sticking our noses in the wrong places, maybe even eve’s dropping. I think NOT!! Us Americans feel that something is wrong over there and we feel that this world is united because we are all human beings. We don’t like what we see on tv. We don’t like the way the election went down. Of course, you are overseas, but we have other means of helping our fellow earth inhabitors. The people that you feel are meddling are actually the people who abide by good morals and feel that something is seriously wrong with the election. We as Americans are helping innocent Iranians, protestors, opposition movements, and supporters of Moussavi.  Technology is too advanced and we will find a way to communicate with Iranian citizens. Our involvement with this crisis in Iran is helping Iranians stand up for what is right. They are speaking up about votes being stolen. Iranians want freedom, they want democracy not dictatorship.  No longer will they sit and be walked over. Some of us Americans feel the need to support them in there fight for a fair Iran. Americans keep tweeting and providing much needed info to the Iranians!! Keep up the good meddling US!!!

Written by Teen Wolf

June 17, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Iranian Buzz has Protestors putting on the Gloves

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Lately, my television has been on every reality show, but the news. Although I did hear about the Iran election, but didn’t think much of it. Well all that changed earlier today. Once I heard about the results, the protestors, the violence and especially all the tweets about Iran, then I knew something was wrong. Twitters trending topics were #IranElection, #Tehran, etc…. So I did a little research myself and found out that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won over Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Ahmadinejad had won with 66% of the vote. This led to speculation that their were alleged irregularities during the vote, and some analysts and journalists from United States and United Kingdom based voiced some doubts about the authenticity of the results.

The protestors are outraged over this believed to be rigged election. Iranians are asking where is their votes??? These protests started out as a peaceful movement but as the sun rose and set it eventually made a turn for the worse….violence emerged!!! Rioting and fires broke out through the streets of Tehran. Demonstrators were chanting phrases such as “Down with the dictator”, “Death to the dictator”, and “Give us our votes back”. Mousavi, himself came out to rally with his supporters on June 15th. Competing rallies for Mousavi and for Ahmadinejad took place on 16 June. The pro-Ahmadinejad protesters, chanting the phrases “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!”, outnumbered their opponents, but they did not match the numbers of opponents who had protested the day before. So we kind of have an idea who would win if a street fight broke out between the two……right, or do we??!! A recount is being considered, but Mousavi wants to redo the whole election because rumor has it that millions of ballets vanished during the original counting process……WTF!!!

Personally, I think this is outrageous. We have a guy who rigs the election and wins then we have to listen to his protestors claim that they hate America and Israel. Sounds familiar… former Pres. Bush beat Al Gore then brought war to Iraq!! Anyways this is getting out of hand because innocent people are losing lives and limbs. I know one thing for sure in this world……people’s morals need to be re-evaluated!!! All I can do to help is to inform, tweet, and pray. Good luck Iran!!!

Iranian Protestors being shot after Election

Written by Teen Wolf

June 17, 2009 at 7:36 am