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Men and the L word have more in common than you think!

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This morning while jogging with my friend….hold on, let me rephrase that “while walking with my friend” this morning we were discussing relationships and dating like we always do. While she was talking, of course I was listening, but at the same time I was trying to think about what would be my next blog entry. I knew I wanted to write another dating/relationship post, but had no clue what it would be about. There is so much that I could write about and then not too long ago it hit me like a Frisbee in the park. Why do men fall in love so quick and why they fall in love faster than women. Never really knew myself why men fall in love so quick, but I did do my research. However, I always knew men fall in love faster than women. I learned this in my Psychology of Genders course while getting my B.S. in Psychology. You might find this hard to believe, but my professor’s personal opinion for this is that men are more afraid of being alone than women. Personally, I believe I fell in love with my ex before she fell in love with me. To be honest I don’t even know if she ever fell in love with me. I guess if she did then she probably wouldn’t have broke up with me. Anyways, back to the topic. I just want to inform men and woman about why these things happen.

Lets answer some lovely questions about men and love.

Why do men fall in love at a rapid pace?

We go through a  simple process that takes affect as soon as we start dating a woman. First of all, we can fall in love immediately. When you hear the words “love at first sight” it is actually pertaining to men because men do this more frequently than women. Men decisions when it comes to women are basically decided off of visual cues. Next, we look for something unique and special about women. For example, the way you talk, laugh, think, personality or your passion for life.  Then we convince ourselves that we are happier and more complete with you in our life.

Why do men fall in love faster than women?

Us, men fall in love quicker than women because it’s about what we see (visual from the last explanation) and how she makes us feel right away. Once again, it’s about how women look, how women makes us feel, how a woman laughs, standout qualities in her personality, etc… Also, women are more willing to express their emotions which allow men to get to know woman better and quicker. On the other hand, men are less expressive so it takes women longer to get to know us and fall in love with us.

I hope this answers all the questions about men and falling in love. I kept it brief for a reason because if I go into more detail then it would make it easier for women to control and manipulate us. Sorry ladies not today. But at least you know why we fall in love. And guys, when the 3 signs of the first question are recognizable in you then it means you are in………LOVE!!!


Written by Teen Wolf

July 12, 2009 at 4:35 am

I’m not in a cafeteria, so why are you serving this??

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You know what grinds my gears??? All these restaurants trying to expand there menus and sell food they wouldn’t normally serve to their customers!! Some of this stuff is ridiculous. These newly added appetizers, entrees or whatever you want to call it don’t fit the menus. I was ok with the happy meals adding fruits, milk, juice boxes, etc… to the menu, but now things have gotten out of hand!!!

Let the Food fight begin!

First, I’m attacking Wendy’s. Seriously guys, you make hamburgers from never frozen beef patties. Now you’re offering boneless wings. Let me guess, never frozen boneless wings. Are the customers getting sick of your double stacks and frostys? Why, boneless wings? This doesn’t fit on your menu at all. You couldn’t just make one flavor, you had to go all out and do Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken. Good luck with the new addition, but you will never catch me ordering those things from Wendys. If I want boneless wings then you can find me at a wing spot or bar chugging ice cold brews while downing all you can eat boneless wings for $5.

Next is………….stopping running! Jared, just because you lost weight doesn’t mean I can’t catch you. Got you Subway! Okay, I got over the fact that you copied Quiznos and started toasting your subs, but adding pizza to the menu is not like you at all. You serve sandwiches, chips and even cookies, but not personal pan pizzas! You can’t serve sandwiches and pizzas….We call you Subway not SubPizzaway. Are you telling me that we can now substitute pizza for a sandwich? Once again, I will never order a pizza from you. If the grocery ain’t providing me with the no delivery it’s Digiorno then I’m calling Papa.

Then we have Checkers….you know that fast food chain also known as Rally’s that sponsors a lot of Nascar events. Another burger joint wants to put its foot in the chicken ring. You wanna know what’s so funny about this?? They call their wings classic, as if they’ve been serving them for centuries, lol! Unfortunately, like Wendys they had to do more than one flavor. These flavors include Medium Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Sweet n Spicy Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan. I’m speechless, lol. I hardly go to Checkers because there fries are too greasy, but you want me to try your classic wings now. I think not. Try harder checkers, maybe you should add steak to your menu!

Halftime Bonus: I love McDonald’s too much to pick on them! They added the whole McCafe thing, but it was a good idea since Starbucks are closing some shops and Dunkin Donuts is trying hard but can’t quite get things going the way they want to. Dunkin has good sweets and Decaf, but not a nice setting. I hope these restaurants learn from McDonalds, the fast food chain that serves millions daily. Some additions to the menu are great ideas!

Finally, the pizza parlors trying to serve pasta. You know who you are…..Pizza Hut and Dominos. First of all let me say this,  I know pizza and pasta are both italian food and a pizza place is sort of like an italian restaurant, but if you are recognized as being a server of pizza then don’t try to add pasta to the menu! The pasta at Pizza Hut actually looks good, but the pasta bowls at Dominos look disgusting! Please guys, stick with making pizzas and your football season wings! Dominos needs to really concentrate on there pizza making skills because the quality went down as quantity went up (for example, 5-5-5 deal). I will make my own pasta or eat it when my mom makes a pasta dish.

I really want to pick on Jack in the Box because I hate the commercials and I just looked over there menu. They practically serve everything. Since there isn’t one near me then I could careless. Also, I’ve never eaten there before. My only beef with Krystals (haha, I said beef and they serve beef) is that they serve miniatures of everything and then all of a sudden they added a BIG burger by the name of the “B.A. Burger” to there menu. If I go to Krystals then I want small foods not normal size food, but it doesn’t matter because I eat at Krystals everytime we have a blue moon made out of blue cheese. Sonic serves everything too, but if you order one of there 168,000 drink combinations then any of there food will taste good, lol.

Have you noticed that non of the highly successful food chains have altered there menus…..for example, McDonalds, Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Taco Bell, etc… These restaurants adding all these new foods on the menu are turning into school cafeterias!!

Written by Teen Wolf

July 11, 2009 at 2:10 am

Learn to date before you start to relate

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Seriously, people have you realized how many couples actually skip the dating process? They go from friends to a relationship before you can even wiggle your nose like Samantha in Bewitched!! A lot of couples skip dating because they don’t know how. Because they are afraid. Afraid of what, you say! They are afraid that during the dating process they will screw up somehow and be less likely to end up in a relationship with whomever it is they won’t to be in a relationship with. Trust me, I know. I dated a girl for 2.5 weeks and kind of forced her into a relationship with me. We didn’t skip dating, but we didn’t date long enough. It was a very big decision for her to make. It took her about an hour to decide if she was ready for a relationship. She eventually said yes! The relationship went well for about a month 😦 . Dating should last anywhere from a month to 3 months. What I’m trying to say is dating gives you a chance to really get to know the other person. It gives you a chance to figure out who they really are because most people put on a false persona in the beginning of dating and relationships. My advice is to completely be yourself when dating…..let the flaws show and let your strengths glow. I’m sure everyone has seen Hitch. Kevin James character showed all his flaws in the beginning of the dating process and his date “Alexa” accepted him because he was truly being himself and she didn’t have a problem with his flaws (They actually had a couple in common). But this article isn’t about flaws, it’s about learning how to date so you won’t skip this fun and interesting phase in the future.

Again, most people don’t know how to date. So have a seat, grab a drink (non-alcoholic, lol), a snack, put your thinking cap on, take notes if you need to and let’s learn to date!!!

First of all, a real date is not a chat date, phone date, email date, or webcam date. A real date is face to face contact. Physical contact, not sexual, but actually being able to touch your date. You can’t hold a monitors hand or kiss a phone good night (none of that soulja boy kiss me thru the phone stuff, lol). When in the presence of your date he or she can observe your behavior, enjoy your personality, etc… This type of contact gives you a feel for who the other person is offline or off the phone. Also, body language says a lot. A person’s appearance can tell you a little bit about there hygiene, style, fashion, etc… Meeting each other in person is the most important part of dating.

Now that you have met face to face, you now need to go out. Where do you go??? A good date spot is a location where the two of you can talk and get to know each other better. Also, you can spice it up with a little bit of fun, no one wants to go on a boring date.  Here are a couple of suggestions bowling alley, billiards, mini golf, park (walk and talk or picnic), dinner (but no movie, not on the first date), coffee shop, random wacky fun never hurts (for example, crazy shops, hip and funky parts of town, etc…) and arcades (but guys don’t leave your date for Street fighter, lol). The #1 rule is to make sure the date only consists of you and your date. Group dates and double dates tend to throw off the vibe between you and your date because you might show off, not be yourself, act different with other people being around and also when a woman is on a one-on-one date she tends to feel more comfortable about truly being and expressing herself.

We are finally at the date location. What’s next??? How about a little conversation! Let’s talk about what to talk about. Open ended questions are the best way to go. These types of questions help you read your date’s personality and it makes a conversation last longer. If you asked all closed ended questions then you might run out of questions before you even get your dinner or get halfway through the park then you get this awkward silence!! Let me help you get started, here are some good questions, but first NEVER ASK about past relationships on the first date and don’t ask what are you looking for because honestly we don’t know what we are looking for, we have a blueprint on paper but no construction. We date to figure out what qualities we like in a person. This is a reason people skip dating now because they think this friend or random person has what they are looking for and jump into a relationship. But don’t get me wrong, many people do ask that question because it’s 2nd nature like blinking your eyes (I’ve done it plenty of times, still do it now, it’s a hard habit to drop, lol). Also, looking for and want are 2 different things don’t mix them up (Be sure to go see The Ugly Truth in theaters July 24th).  These questions should help get the party started ( I mean conversation started, lol); What do you like to do during your spare time? Where are you from? What kind of music do you listen to? What are your goals/dreams?……I can keep going on and on, but this should help break the ice.

You’ve been dating for about 2 or 3 weeks and it’s about that time. No, not time to propose, but to maybe meet some of your date’s friends and family. Friends always have opinions that scare you and family can be intimidating, but they can provide some truth. Family influences a person’s character. Observe how they interact together. Friends can show you your date’s appreciation level and provide more insight to their true personality. Most of the time if you can’t stand your date’s friends then the two of you probably won’t be dating for long.

The final step of dating before you decide if a relationship is worth it…………coming soon to a theater near you. Just joking, lol. You must have faith and trust your instincts!! If your intuition tells you don’t start a relationship with this person for various reasons then DON’T!! Go with your gut feeling, don’t let the butterflies in your stomach force you into an unwanted relationship!

Now that we have covered “How to date 101”, put your new found knowledge to test. Please put on your gown and throw up your caps!!! Congratulations, you are ready to date before you start to relate!!

Written by Teen Wolf

July 7, 2009 at 1:16 am

She’s just not that into you, but I know when she is!

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After watching He’s just not that into you, I had to write an article for the guys. Guys want to know when to pursue a girl or move on too. I thought this was such a great movie to help women with dating, but I feel like the guys were left out. Yeah, I know we got the movie Hitch, but it’s about the dating process, not the process before you actually get a date. Guys like to think that they know all about picking up women, but they really don’t. I’m probably breaking man code by saying this, but us guys are pretty dumb about figuring out if a woman is into us or not. And what makes it worse is that we ask each other for advice! When we should be asking a woman for advice. Didn’t you notice in the movie that Justin Long’s character a guy helped out Ginnifer Goodwin’s character. Yet, there is an exception to this because some guys actually do know how to help other guys, but they are a rare commodity on this planet. I’m not trying to brag, but I must be one because my friends constantly come to me and it must work………cus they keep coming back, lol! I’ve even helped out some lady friends figure out if a guy is into them (Which is the way it’s supposed to be; opposite sex helps you best).  Now, I did read a book or two in the past when I used to be clueless to help me with this.

Well, now it is time to get to the meat of the article, what you’ve all been waiting for……..Is she into you or not?????

First of all look for the signs…..physical signs, not the signs you saw in Transformers 2 (great movie by the way, lol). Body language is probably the most obvious. Picture this, you are talking to each other, but if she is glancing around, looking at her cellphone, or trying to catch a friend’s attention then she is either not into you or not interested in the topic you are discussing. So change the subject or let her go because there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Second, be aware of the excuses….we tend to take excuses as a sign that she may be on her period! For example, you are talking to her on the phone about hanging out or going on a date, but she has a way of exempting herself every time you want to spend some quality, lets get to know each other better time on the town. Some of my favorite excuses are it’s girls night out, I’m really focusing on my career right now,  or I’m busy helping my family get through a tough time. However, if she happens to suggest another time or day to get together then this means she is still interested. I have the perfect example of that, a beautiful young lady that I am talking to declined my date because she had personal issues to deal with, but she followed that up with could it wait a little??? Of course, like a gentleman I said yes. Not only is she still interested, but she knows that I understand and sympathize with her. If she didn’t follow up her answer of “No” with a suggestion then that would have meant she is not into me.

The third and most irritating one because most guys seem to not hear it or ignore it, is when a woman say’s I’m not ready to date or start a relationship. This one is total rejection, please save yourself the humiliation, drinks, and constant useless conversation and move on. The longer and harder you try, the more tense the conversation can get. This is when a woman’s mean or bitchy side can come out. She might start discussing with you qualities that she dislike in men and guess what????…….those qualities she are speaking about are the exact same qualities you have!!

The fourth can really piss you off!! No joke, this one can make you mad, but you keep on talking to her…’s like you got an energizer battery that operates your jaw. Please take that battery out and move on. In this case, during the conversation she will start to discuss guys that she is interested in. No man wants to pursue a woman that talks about other guys she like, but we keep trying harder to get her to like us! Funny isn’t it, but very true! Now, there is some good to this, if and only if you are open to meeting another woman. She might eventually try to hook you up with one of her friends…..yes, I did say that. But in most cases a man would be too blinded by her to care about her friends. When she does this, it means she is not romantically attracted to you or as I like to say, “She is just not that into you”.

Finally, the fifth step to realizing she is not into you. I like to call this one “The Bearer of Bad News”, kind of like the grim reaper. This individual or group of people will probably take your breath away or maybe life…..just joking, but they don’t come with intentions to harm, just to inform you. In some cases, a woman’s friends might pull you aside and drop some hints, direct you to another girl, or even talk about something else with you so that you will get your mind off of there friend because obviously she is just not that into you! I have a personal experience to share with you. I was at the bar with 2 girl friends, one I was trying to pursue as a possible match for dating and the other was just a friend. I kept trying like any other guy would do, but eventually her friend pulled me aside, took me out the bar and we took a walk around the block. She was pretty much hinting at the fact that her friend was not into me. The 3 of us still remain friends to this day, but it would have taken me a lot longer to recognize that she was not into me if her/my friend didn’t pull me aside.

That, my fellow gender on the prowl  is the guide to figuring out that she is just not that into you, but hold your horses because I have a special treat for you!!!! You now know when she isn’t into you, but now I want to teach you how to tell when SHE IS INTO YOU!

Here is a quick and brief list of how to tell if a woman is into you. NOTE: each * is a different fact (fact is a strong word, so each * is a different way of picking up on her signal that she is into you)

*Say for example you walk into a bar, coffee shop or where ever women are and a woman and her friend starts to whisper and giggle while staring or even pointing at you. This is a sign that she is interested. Remember this….girls gossip like the magazine when they see a guy they like. *Same setting as above, matter of fact, let’s use the same setting for all of these. Say for instance, you catch a woman looking at you and you stare back, but she looks up or down, but seconds later you catch her glancing at you again. She is interested but shy. *She is looking over at you and playing with her jewelry. This is an open opportunity to smile, walk over, compliment her jewelry and start conversing. *Exposure of skin (example less buttons buttoned on a shirt, obvious neck exposure, more of her leg is exposed, etc…) or dangling her heels off her toes is a sign of interest, if and only if she is looking your way while doing this. *My favorite is when a woman invades your personal space, whether it be her whole body, an arm, or leg….if you can’t pick up on that then you should be playing the piano with Stevie Wonder (just joking, I love Stevie). *A very obvious sign is when she touches your clothing or plays with something you are wearing (for example, tie, collar, even a hole in your jeans(another personal experience)). *If you can’t pick up on it when a woman stares you down and licks her lips then you’re probably playing the wrong sport…catch my drift? *If she starts to play with her hair while talking with you. *I like this one because I’m a kid at heart, but I call this one “the kid in her” aka “the silly girl” because as she is talking with you she may start to giggle, do silly things, scrunch her shoulders, move breast enticingly or become wide-eyed. *This one is funny. I guess you could call it the copycat. While speaking if she starts to mimic your movements. Then this means she is into you and what you are talking about.

That’s it!! Remember this…..even though she is showing that she is into you, you must react!! And then after you get past the reaction and exchanging numbers then this is when I let Will Smith in Hitch takeover, lol!! Hope this will help.

Note: Remember how I said you can learn best from the opposite sex when someone is into you?……well I learned all this from different women!!(No, it wasn’t my mom. Although she probably has some great tips, lol) Like I said earlier, women know when a woman is into a guy and we know when a guy is into a woman.

Written by Teen Wolf

July 4, 2009 at 9:40 pm

Can we connect and not feel disconnected afterwards???

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Q: Can sex make things complicated???

A: You can bet your virginity that it will…..YES, but at the same time NO in some cases it just depends. I am here to write about why it causes things to be complicated between you and whomever you had sex with.

Because sex sells, we see it everyday!! That’s why it is such a common factor in a wide spectrum of relationships. For example, dating, friends with benefits, one night stands, sex in committed relationship, sex in open relationships, marriages with sex, open marriages with sex, and any variation of the above.

So everyone wants to know WHY?? Have you ever thought about what is involved in the whole sexual process?? Well, here is a list and I’m sure I will forget some stuff, so forgive me for that.

Emotions, Location, Seeing each other nude, Satisfaction, Experience, Before and After thoughts, Before and After events, Feelings, Insecurities, Sex drives, Preferences, State of the relationship, What type of Relationship, Sexual Past, The Sexual Process itself, etc…

Emotions, there isn’t much to explain about them. There are a wide range of emotions that you could have been displayed during the act or after the act. Insecurities with seeing each other naked. You might be wondering is my body satisfying or did it disappoint. Maybe, wondering if he/she is discussing my body with others. Satisfaction, was the sex satisfying. Am I good in bed? Experience because maybe you are a virgin and the other person isn’t…..there are various scenarios for this case. Thoughts before and after sex are self-explanatory. Now, the events before and after are not self-explanatory. Did you drink before, fight/argue before, etc…. Did you cuddle afterward, leave one another, etc… When you consider feelings, did you feel loved, weird, uncomfortable etc… You can be insecure about your performance, stamina, body, etc… Sex drive can play a major role because what if one person wants it more than the other or if one person wants it back to back. Preference can make things complicated because you may not agree on positions, location, toys, etc… The state of the relationship, for example, are y’all getting along good, fighting all the time, etc… I already mentioned type of relationships above. Sexual past is important because how many partners did you have, any STDs, kids, did you have safe sex, etc… And of course, last but not least, the actual sexual process itself which sort of ties in with a lot of the above reasons for complications. For example, were you respectful, dirty, bad at it,……I could go on and on, but you get the point.

I hope this answers all the questions about why sex makes things complicated. Now, don’t get me wrong….I am not saying don’t have sex…..please do, but think about what you are getting into. Also, like I said above… doesn’t always make things complicated.

Written by Teen Wolf

June 28, 2009 at 12:43 am

We’ve all had one or have one…….a “CRUSH”

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Crush: A crush is a person you simply like, but wouldn’t risk everything for. A person you just dream about being with like the most hottest girl/guy in school, celebrity, or whatever. A crush mostly developes from being physicaly attracted to a person. That’s most cases of crushes. Or sometimes it could just be this person who you really like a lot but then comes another and you no longer like that person, but the other.

Crush: A crush is a word used to describe special feelings you have for another person, a classmate, or friend that you really like.

Crush: A crush is a person who makes your heart beat faster, and you can’t breath around them, and never talk to them because you like them, your not in love with them, but you could be if they felt the same way.

Crushes are perfectly natural. You admire them, dream about them, feel happy when you see them and gloomy in their absence. Guys usually develop a crush before women as males have a higher sexual attraction level than females.

I thought this was a summary from; Crushes are top-heavy. Some people will say that the problem with crushes is that they aren’t real. Actually, the problem is that crushes are too real—too real for the relationship. You have so much emotion (love, desire, and longing) that the small amount of relationship you do have with your crush can’t stand the weight of it.

I think all these definitions describe a crush from a different point of view. All of them are right in some aspect. It seems like I have always had a crush on someone. I still remember my high school senior year crush. I have a crush on a good friend of mine now. Their is something odd about having a crush because no matter how much you fantasize about being with that person, you almost never inform that person how you feel about them. You know why??? One word….REJECTION!!! No one wants to get rejected by someone they are physically attracted to and think so much about. I was talking with another good friend of mine last night at Starbucks and we both have crushes on someone. She won’t tell her guy and I won’t tell my girl. It’s weird because we both talked for about 15 minutes each about why we have a crush. She doesn’t want to tell her guy she has a crush because she wants to hear it from him first and I won’t tell my girl that I have a crush on her because I don’t want to be rejected or jeopardize our friendship.

I felt the need to write about this because I just finished watching He’s Just Not That Into You. Great movie. But love, dating and friendships is something we deal with everyday. I feel that we shouldn’t let the people we have “more than friends” feelings for getaway. I don’t have the answers to how to deal with this but hopefully we can conquer our fears and speak up to the ones we have this Lil Bow Wow puppy love for. In my whole life, I’ve only told one girl that I actually had a crush on her…… didn’t go well at all :(. Of course, there are millions of girls out there, but getting rejected by your crush is different than getting rejected by some random girl. A “Crujection” (crush rejection) hurts and ruins what you ever had with that person before you spilled the beans. Most real crushes are on a friend, someone you’ve known for a while, someone you spend a lot of time with, someone who is in your presence a lot, etc…. Celebrity crushes don’t count everyone has those and believe me I have a lot (for ex. Megan Fox, Taraji P. Henson, Kristen Stewart, Kerry Washington, etc…). You never get to tell those people how you feel and 99.9% they don’t even know you exist.  I guess what I am getting at is……be honest with yourself, believe and hope for the best……..communicate how you feel, but don’t come on too strong, take it slowly, get to know your crush more before you confess (I have been trying to do that lately), etc…

We can do this people because we all have had a crush or have one now!!!!

Written by Teen Wolf

June 25, 2009 at 5:43 am

You’re either a Father indeed or a Father a child needs

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Ok, I know it’s Father’s Day and my original topics for today didn’t seem to fit the mood of the day. I was originally going to blog about Iran, but no real changes other than a calmer environment to report on. The other topic was requested by a twitter follower……..he wanted me to blog about privacy: a commodity or a right. Now I might still cover that one day, but not today.

I am here to discuss Father’s Day. This holiday can be a nightmare for some families because of how fathers can be absent in child’s life and bring stress/loneliness to a child. A good friend of mine said “depositing sperm into a woman doesn’t make you a father, neither does babysitting every other weekend or just providing the minimal financial support”. She is exactly right.

A father indeed provides unconditional love. He loves you and supports you no matter what mistakes you make. He provides advice when times get hard. Encourages you and a has faith in you. As a child he teaches you the trial and tribulations of life while also being a sensitive and fun person to hang around. A father must show his kids that he enjoys being there father… proud of bringing them into this world. Spending time with your kids is important because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Establish intimacy at a young age. A father is a great teacher……what you teach your children will be a stronger message than any elementary, middle, high school or college professor. A good father teaches right from wrong and establishes that there will be consequences (punishment and reinforcement; I can really go into detail about this since I hold a psychology degree, but I will spare you the time). Let your child know that it is okay to make mistakes because we are all human. But learn from it and avoid repeating it. A great father is affectionate. Being affectionate is a sign of love and teaches the child to love not hate. A golden rule that successful fathers follow is be respectful to your children’s mother even if you are divorced, married, separated, or even if the child came out of a one night stand. Even if a good father hates his child’s mother, he still tries to make the parenting process a partnership for the good of the child. A good father doesn’t place outrageous expectations on his children or himself. The last rule that a father indeed follows is that the job as a father never ends….you never retire, quit, get laid off, etc….

If you can’t meet the above requirements 100% of the time then you are categorized as a father a child needs!!!

Here are a couple of responses to my question: What do you like about your father?

1.Honest & Caring 2. Fun to be around and serious about raising me right

One thing I left out of a father indeed is…….Financially stable or making money to support your child, putting your child before yourself!!!!

Written by Teen Wolf

June 21, 2009 at 8:01 pm