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Rose Above The Bush (Self-titled poem)

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DSCF0983I Rose above the Bush,

I rose above her bush,

I rose above our former president bush,

I rose with strength to take on every challenge,

I am still rising and it is my life that I am trying to balance,

I rose above hate with love,

I rise above because of what I am made of,

I rose above the streets to a higher learning,

I am still rising in America for a higher yearly earning,

I rise with my family through the pain,

I rise with my friends because we bond like a chain,

I rise on my own,

I rise to see a beautiful rose growing outside of my home,

I rose above the thorns that make me bleed ,

I am a man, but I make a statement like a rose indeed,

I Rose Above The Bush


Written by Teen Wolf

June 17, 2009 at 2:00 am

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