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I’m not in a cafeteria, so why are you serving this??

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You know what grinds my gears??? All these restaurants trying to expand there menus and sell food they wouldn’t normally serve to their customers!! Some of this stuff is ridiculous. These newly added appetizers, entrees or whatever you want to call it don’t fit the menus. I was ok with the happy meals adding fruits, milk, juice boxes, etc… to the menu, but now things have gotten out of hand!!!

Let the Food fight begin!

First, I’m attacking Wendy’s. Seriously guys, you make hamburgers from never frozen beef patties. Now you’re offering boneless wings. Let me guess, never frozen boneless wings. Are the customers getting sick of your double stacks and frostys? Why, boneless wings? This doesn’t fit on your menu at all. You couldn’t just make one flavor, you had to go all out and do Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken. Good luck with the new addition, but you will never catch me ordering those things from Wendys. If I want boneless wings then you can find me at a wing spot or bar chugging ice cold brews while downing all you can eat boneless wings for $5.

Next is………….stopping running! Jared, just because you lost weight doesn’t mean I can’t catch you. Got you Subway! Okay, I got over the fact that you copied Quiznos and started toasting your subs, but adding pizza to the menu is not like you at all. You serve sandwiches, chips and even cookies, but not personal pan pizzas! You can’t serve sandwiches and pizzas….We call you Subway not SubPizzaway. Are you telling me that we can now substitute pizza for a sandwich? Once again, I will never order a pizza from you. If the grocery ain’t providing me with the no delivery it’s Digiorno then I’m calling Papa.

Then we have Checkers….you know that fast food chain also known as Rally’s that sponsors a lot of Nascar events. Another burger joint wants to put its foot in the chicken ring. You wanna know what’s so funny about this?? They call their wings classic, as if they’ve been serving them for centuries, lol! Unfortunately, like Wendys they had to do more than one flavor. These flavors include Medium Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Sweet n Spicy Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan. I’m speechless, lol. I hardly go to Checkers because there fries are too greasy, but you want me to try your classic wings now. I think not. Try harder checkers, maybe you should add steak to your menu!

Halftime Bonus: I love McDonald’s too much to pick on them! They added the whole McCafe thing, but it was a good idea since Starbucks are closing some shops and Dunkin Donuts is trying hard but can’t quite get things going the way they want to. Dunkin has good sweets and Decaf, but not a nice setting. I hope these restaurants learn from McDonalds, the fast food chain that serves millions daily. Some additions to the menu are great ideas!

Finally, the pizza parlors trying to serve pasta. You know who you are…..Pizza Hut and Dominos. First of all let me say this,  I know pizza and pasta are both italian food and a pizza place is sort of like an italian restaurant, but if you are recognized as being a server of pizza then don’t try to add pasta to the menu! The pasta at Pizza Hut actually looks good, but the pasta bowls at Dominos look disgusting! Please guys, stick with making pizzas and your football season wings! Dominos needs to really concentrate on there pizza making skills because the quality went down as quantity went up (for example, 5-5-5 deal). I will make my own pasta or eat it when my mom makes a pasta dish.

I really want to pick on Jack in the Box because I hate the commercials and I just looked over there menu. They practically serve everything. Since there isn’t one near me then I could careless. Also, I’ve never eaten there before. My only beef with Krystals (haha, I said beef and they serve beef) is that they serve miniatures of everything and then all of a sudden they added a BIG burger by the name of the “B.A. Burger” to there menu. If I go to Krystals then I want small foods not normal size food, but it doesn’t matter because I eat at Krystals everytime we have a blue moon made out of blue cheese. Sonic serves everything too, but if you order one of there 168,000 drink combinations then any of there food will taste good, lol.

Have you noticed that non of the highly successful food chains have altered there menus…..for example, McDonalds, Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Taco Bell, etc… These restaurants adding all these new foods on the menu are turning into school cafeterias!!


Written by Teen Wolf

July 11, 2009 at 2:10 am