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Can we connect and not feel disconnected afterwards???

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Q: Can sex make things complicated???

A: You can bet your virginity that it will…..YES, but at the same time NO in some cases it just depends. I am here to write about why it causes things to be complicated between you and whomever you had sex with.

Because sex sells, we see it everyday!! That’s why it is such a common factor in a wide spectrum of relationships. For example, dating, friends with benefits, one night stands, sex in committed relationship, sex in open relationships, marriages with sex, open marriages with sex, and any variation of the above.

So everyone wants to know WHY?? Have you ever thought about what is involved in the whole sexual process?? Well, here is a list and I’m sure I will forget some stuff, so forgive me for that.

Emotions, Location, Seeing each other nude, Satisfaction, Experience, Before and After thoughts, Before and After events, Feelings, Insecurities, Sex drives, Preferences, State of the relationship, What type of Relationship, Sexual Past, The Sexual Process itself, etc…

Emotions, there isn’t much to explain about them. There are a wide range of emotions that you could have been displayed during the act or after the act. Insecurities with seeing each other naked. You might be wondering is my body satisfying or did it disappoint. Maybe, wondering if he/she is discussing my body with others. Satisfaction, was the sex satisfying. Am I good in bed? Experience because maybe you are a virgin and the other person isn’t…..there are various scenarios for this case. Thoughts before and after sex are self-explanatory. Now, the events before and after are not self-explanatory. Did you drink before, fight/argue before, etc…. Did you cuddle afterward, leave one another, etc… When you consider feelings, did you feel loved, weird, uncomfortable etc… You can be insecure about your performance, stamina, body, etc… Sex drive can play a major role because what if one person wants it more than the other or if one person wants it back to back. Preference can make things complicated because you may not agree on positions, location, toys, etc… The state of the relationship, for example, are y’all getting along good, fighting all the time, etc… I already mentioned type of relationships above. Sexual past is important because how many partners did you have, any STDs, kids, did you have safe sex, etc… And of course, last but not least, the actual sexual process itself which sort of ties in with a lot of the above reasons for complications. For example, were you respectful, dirty, bad at it,……I could go on and on, but you get the point.

I hope this answers all the questions about why sex makes things complicated. Now, don’t get me wrong….I am not saying don’t have sex…..please do, but think about what you are getting into. Also, like I said above… doesn’t always make things complicated.


Written by Teen Wolf

June 28, 2009 at 12:43 am