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Men and the L word have more in common than you think!

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This morning while jogging with my friend….hold on, let me rephrase that “while walking with my friend” this morning we were discussing relationships and dating like we always do. While she was talking, of course I was listening, but at the same time I was trying to think about what would be my next blog entry. I knew I wanted to write another dating/relationship post, but had no clue what it would be about. There is so much that I could write about and then not too long ago it hit me like a Frisbee in the park. Why do men fall in love so quick and why they fall in love faster than women. Never really knew myself why men fall in love so quick, but I did do my research. However, I always knew men fall in love faster than women. I learned this in my Psychology of Genders course while getting my B.S. in Psychology. You might find this hard to believe, but my professor’s personal opinion for this is that men are more afraid of being alone than women. Personally, I believe I fell in love with my ex before she fell in love with me. To be honest I don’t even know if she ever fell in love with me. I guess if she did then she probably wouldn’t have broke up with me. Anyways, back to the topic. I just want to inform men and woman about why these things happen.

Lets answer some lovely questions about men and love.

Why do men fall in love at a rapid pace?

We go through a  simple process that takes affect as soon as we start dating a woman. First of all, we can fall in love immediately. When you hear the words “love at first sight” it is actually pertaining to men because men do this more frequently than women. Men decisions when it comes to women are basically decided off of visual cues. Next, we look for something unique and special about women. For example, the way you talk, laugh, think, personality or your passion for life.  Then we convince ourselves that we are happier and more complete with you in our life.

Why do men fall in love faster than women?

Us, men fall in love quicker than women because it’s about what we see (visual from the last explanation) and how she makes us feel right away. Once again, it’s about how women look, how women makes us feel, how a woman laughs, standout qualities in her personality, etc… Also, women are more willing to express their emotions which allow men to get to know woman better and quicker. On the other hand, men are less expressive so it takes women longer to get to know us and fall in love with us.

I hope this answers all the questions about men and falling in love. I kept it brief for a reason because if I go into more detail then it would make it easier for women to control and manipulate us. Sorry ladies not today. But at least you know why we fall in love. And guys, when the 3 signs of the first question are recognizable in you then it means you are in………LOVE!!!


Written by Teen Wolf

July 12, 2009 at 4:35 am