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You’re either a Father indeed or a Father a child needs

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Ok, I know it’s Father’s Day and my original topics for today didn’t seem to fit the mood of the day. I was originally going to blog about Iran, but no real changes other than a calmer environment to report on. The other topic was requested by a twitter follower……..he wanted me to blog about privacy: a commodity or a right. Now I might still cover that one day, but not today.

I am here to discuss Father’s Day. This holiday can be a nightmare for some families because of how fathers can be absent in child’s life and bring stress/loneliness to a child. A good friend of mine said “depositing sperm into a woman doesn’t make you a father, neither does babysitting every other weekend or just providing the minimal financial support”. She is exactly right.

A father indeed provides unconditional love. He loves you and supports you no matter what mistakes you make. He provides advice when times get hard. Encourages you and a has faith in you. As a child he teaches you the trial and tribulations of life while also being a sensitive and fun person to hang around. A father must show his kids that he enjoys being there father… proud of bringing them into this world. Spending time with your kids is important because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Establish intimacy at a young age. A father is a great teacher……what you teach your children will be a stronger message than any elementary, middle, high school or college professor. A good father teaches right from wrong and establishes that there will be consequences (punishment and reinforcement; I can really go into detail about this since I hold a psychology degree, but I will spare you the time). Let your child know that it is okay to make mistakes because we are all human. But learn from it and avoid repeating it. A great father is affectionate. Being affectionate is a sign of love and teaches the child to love not hate. A golden rule that successful fathers follow is be respectful to your children’s mother even if you are divorced, married, separated, or even if the child came out of a one night stand. Even if a good father hates his child’s mother, he still tries to make the parenting process a partnership for the good of the child. A good father doesn’t place outrageous expectations on his children or himself. The last rule that a father indeed follows is that the job as a father never ends….you never retire, quit, get laid off, etc….

If you can’t meet the above requirements 100% of the time then you are categorized as a father a child needs!!!

Here are a couple of responses to my question: What do you like about your father?

1.Honest & Caring 2. Fun to be around and serious about raising me right

One thing I left out of a father indeed is…….Financially stable or making money to support your child, putting your child before yourself!!!!


Written by Teen Wolf

June 21, 2009 at 8:01 pm